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Alexis "Horgix" Chotard

Alexis "Horgix" Chotard


Alexis "Horgix" Chotard is a french systems and software engineer currently working at Xebia (

With a software engineering background, and experiences more inclined toward systems and infrastructure, he naturally finds himself at home around "DevOps" topics. Alexis "Horgix" is eager to automate everything he can and currently loves working on various topics such as continuous integration and deployment, or design of dynamic architectures and applications integration into these. He's happy to face new challenges with the gain in popularity of containers and to look for evolutions of traditionnal workflows. On his spare time, he also maintains a bunch of ArchLinux packages, contributes to Open Source projects and plays with Cloud Native solutions to be able to use them in real clients projects.

Speaker experience

  • "An Ops among the Devs : a feedback from both sides" - Talk at "DevOps REX", a french conference on feedback around DevOps (800 people) :

  • "How I automated Photobox' incident management in 13h" - Talk at Xebicon 2017 (80 people), composed at 70% of live demo : (sadly, the demo itself wasn't captured on the video)

  • "Modern infrastructure, automation, whales and stuff" - Talk at a french engineering school about evolution of infrastructure paradigms (50 people) :

  • Trainer during Docker meetups including workshops in Paris, speaker at internal conferences at my company and clients, etc.